Hoarding Cleanup Cost

Writing up an estimate for hoarding cleanup cost for a homeowner
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Hoarding disorder affects more than 5% of people in the United States, yet its cause remains largely unknown. Characterized by the accumulation of a large number of items and an inability to part with them, regardless of their value, hoarding can be overwhelming and dangerous when encountered.

For those with a family member, friend, or tenant suffering from hoarding disorder, the prospect of hiring a professional for cleanup may present challenges. Not only must the right company be chosen, but the associated costs and range of services provided can be daunting. This article will help to clarify these factors and provide guidance on how to make an informed decision when sourcing a hoarding cleanup service.

Hoarding on display in the yard

Who pays for hoarder cleanup?

The cost of cleaning up a hoarder’s home can be expensive, and it can be difficult to determine who is responsible for paying the bill. In some cases, the hoarder may need to cover the expenses themselves, while in other cases, either local government or homeowner’s insurance policies may help cover the costs.

The severity of hoarding and the amount of stuff to be removed will factor into how much money is required for cleanup. Many hoarders are responsible for their cleanup costs, as this is often a necessary step in their recovery process. However, if public health or safety is at risk due to the hoarding, the local government may require the hoarder to clean up their home or may pay for it themselves.

In some cases, homeowners insurance can pay for hoarder cleanup if the accumulation of stuff causes damage that is covered by their insurance policy. If this is the case, insurance companies may provide funds for having the home cleaned up.

It’s important to know who will be paying for a hoarder’s cleanup before beginning the process so that all involved parties can plan adequately and ensure everyone gets what they need out of this situation.

Clothes strewn about in a hoarding house

What Is The Average Cost To Clean A Hoarder House?

The total cost of the job will vary depending on the complexity and volume of the hoarded items and can range anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. It is important to note that specialized cleaners may charge more, however, they will often have the expertise necessary to tackle such a challenging task. Additionally, some hoarding houses require hazardous waste removal, which can further increase costs.

Several variables to consider include, but are not limited to:

  • Property size;
  • Amount of material;
  • Location;
  • Disposal methods;
  • Protective equipment;
  • Hazardous and biohazardous materials;
  • Deadline for completion;
  • Extra services (personal organizer, Dumpster rentals, etcetera);
  • Who you hire.

Variables That Affect the Cost of Hoarding Cleanup Services

Property Size

The bigger a property is, the more resources and time will be required to clean it up. Larger properties may require additional personnel and equipment, which in turn can affect the overall cost.

Amount of Material

The amount of material present in a property will also influence how much time and effort is needed to complete the job. More clutter means longer hours, which will add to the final bill.


Location plays a factor in any cleaning job, as r transportation costs and additional labor costs could be added on top if your cleaner has to travel far from their home base.

Disposal Methods

The disposal method used by your cleaner can increase or reduce costs significantly. Some hoarding cleanup services offer free disposal options through local charities or community projects; other methods such as dumpster rentals or private waste collection services may involve extra fees.

Personal Protective Equipment

Depending on what kind of materials are being disposed of, protective equipment may need to be worn by your cleaners. This includes goggles, gloves, and masks for collecting biohazardous material such as feces or rotten food. This might incur an additional cost for protective gear rental or purchase.

Hazardous and Biohazardous Materials

Although most people think of hoarding as a simple accumulation of unnecessary items, it can have extreme consequences. Cluttered homes not only challenge mental health but may also present physical danger when hazardous materials are involved.

Disposing of hazardous materials requires special care and expertise to ensure safe conditions for both people involved with the job and wider public health considerations; a biohazard cleanup company is specially trained to deal with these dangerous substances, and as a result, their services can be quite costly. Biohazardous materials (e.g., medical waste, raw human waste, flammable materials) must be dealt with by specific government regulations; this too adds to the hoarder cleaning costs.

Deadline For Completion

Specifying a particular deadline date could affect how much you have to pay because your cleaner may have to hire additional staff or work overtime to finish before then.

Extra Hoarding Services – Junk Removal Service

You could also choose to add extra services to your hoarding cleanup project such as hiring a personal organizer or renting out dumpsters for disposing of larger items at once; these options will further raise your estimated bill but you should consider whether they are necessary before committing yourself financially.

Who You Hire

Lastly, who you decide to hire will also shape how much you’ll have to spend on hoarder cleanup services; different service providers have varying fees depending on location and level of experience.

Cleaners working in a home after a hoarding cleanup

How long does it take to clean a hoarder’s house?

The amount of time it takes to clean a hoarder’s house depends on several factors, such as the size and complexity of the project and the type of materials that need to be removed. The process itself includes everything from decluttering and sorting through items to disassembling furniture and disposing of hazardous waste. Generally, a two-bedroom apartment would need about two days for a full cleaning job; however, larger properties with greater amounts of clutter could take weeks.

Hoarder cleanup also requires patience and understanding; it must be done safely and systematically to ensure that all hazardous materials are disposed of properly without further endangering public health. It’s also important for those involved in the process to provide support and understanding, rather than judgment; this will help create a safe environment in which both the hoarder and their family members can feel at ease throughout the clean-up job.

How to choose a hoarding cleanup company?

When it comes to getting a hoarding cleanup service, there are several things you should be aware of.

First, it’s important to find a reputable hoarder cleaning services that can handle the job properly and safely. Look for one with relevant experience working with hoarder houses, as well as an established cleaning process. This will ensure that your property is dealt with efficiently and professionally.

Second, research the company’s final cost for their services – some companies have flat rates while others charge per hour or item; some even offer discounts for bulk orders or ongoing projects. Knowing the estimated cost upfront may help you plan better for the job ahead.

Thirdly, consider what additional services are available from the hoarding cleanup company – such as organizing and sorting through items and disposing of them by local regulations. If you decide to hire a private waste collection service, make sure to ask about any additional fees that may be involved before signing a contract with them.

Finally, keep in mind that this type of deep cleaning requires patience and dedication – so don’t expect quick results! Hoarders often become overwhelmed by large volumes of personal belongings which can make it difficult to get through everything in one go; professional cleaners understand this challenge, so they take extra steps to ensure a successful clean-up every time.

Home cleaning post hoarding

Hire a Hoarding Cleanup Service

Hoarding cleanup companies are specialized in dealing with a hoarding problem. Professional cleaners have experience in decluttering, organizing spaces, and cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Hiring a hoarding cleanup company can be costly, but it can also be well worth it in terms of both time savings and peace of mind.

Companies specializing in hoarding cleanup will work with clients to understand their needs and budget, allowing them to create an affordable plan that fits within their means while still providing effective solutions. Additionally, they are trained to offer support and guidance along the way so that hoarders feel comfortable throughout the process.